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We love practical books that focus on failures and success stories. And we’ve finally sent our latest book, Addy Osmani’s Success at Scale is at the printer. That means you’ll soon have another wonderful, practical book in your hands. It also means the price of the book is about to go up. So pre-order your copy now to save on the cover price by the 11th of March, 2024!

## Reviews And Testimonials

“This book reveals in its pages the collective wisdom of frontend engineers working on global web projects. It’s the perfect way to enhance your web applications’ potential by optimizing performance with practical tips straight from the trenches.”

Luca Mezzalira, Principal Serverless Specialist Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS) and O’Reilly author

Success at Scale, masterfully curated by Addy Osmani, serves as an invaluable compass for the aspiring developers navigating the complex waters of web development. It’s more than a book; it’s a transmission of wisdom, guiding junior developers towards the shores of big tech companies. With its in-depth case studies and focus on performance, capabilities, accessibility, and developer experience, it prepares the next generation of tech talent to not just participate in, but to shape the future of digital innovation.”

Jerome Hardaway, Engineering AI products at Microsoft

## Contents

Success at Scale is a curated collection of best-practice case studies capturing how production sites of different sizes tackle performance, accessibility, capabilities, and developer experience at scale. Case studies are from industry experts from teams at Instagram, Shopify, Netflix, eBay, Figma, Spotify, Wix, Lyft, LinkedIn, and many more. Guidance that stands the test of time.

Join Addy Osmani, your curator, as we dive into a nuanced look at several key topics that will teach you tips and tricks that may help you optimize your own sites. The book also includes short interviews with contributors on what additional lessons, challenges, and tips they have to share some time after the case studies were written.

Performance includes examples of measuring, budgeting, optimizing, and monitoring performance, in addition to tips for building a performance culture.
Capabilities is about bridging the gap between native capabilities and the modern web. You’ll explore web apps, native apps, and progressive web applications.
Accessibility makes web apps viable for diverse users, including people with temporary or permanent disabilities. Most of us will have a disability at some point in our lives, and these case studies show how we can make the web work for all of us.
Developer Experience is about building a project environment and culture that encourage support, growth, and problem-solving within teams. Strong teams build great projects!

We’re Trying Out Something New

In an effort to conserve resources here at Smashing, we’re trying something new with Success at Scale. The printed book will be 304 pages, and we’ll make an expanded PDF version available to everyone who purchases a print book. This accomplishes a few good things:

We will use less paper and materials because we are making a smaller printed book;
We’ll use fewer resources in general to print, ship, and store the books, leading to a smaller carbon footprint; and
Keeping the book at more manageable size means we can continue to offer free shipping on all Smashing orders!

Smashing Books have always been printed with materials from FSC Certified forests. We are committed to finding new ways to conserve resources while still bringing you the best possible reading experience.

About the Author

Addy Osmani is an engineering leader working on Google Chrome. He leads up Chrome’s Developer Experience organization, helping reduce the friction for developers to build great user experiences.

Technical Details

ISBN: 978-3-910835-00-9 (print)
Quality hardcover, 304 pages, stitched binding, ribbon page marker.
Free worldwide airmail shipping from Germany mid March 2024.
eBook available for download as PDF, ePUB, and Amazon Kindle.
Pre-order the book.

Community Matters ❤️

Producing a book takes quite a bit of time, and we couldn’t pull it off without the support of our wonderful community. A huge shout-out to Smashing Members for the kind, ongoing support. The eBook is and always will be free for Smashing Members. Plus, Members get a friendly discount when purchasing their printed copy. Just sayin’! 😉

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​ Our next book, “Success at Scale” is finally at the printer, which means we’ll be shipping books soon. It’s also your last chance to get the book at the presale price. Get your copy and save now! 

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